2013 Top 5 Free Dating Sites Online Reviewed

We want you to find the love of your life IMMEDIATELY, that is why we maintain a constantly updated list of the current BEST free dating sites, quickly discover which free dating sites you should choose to attract the person you are trying to find. Everyone is different so the kinds of free dating sites each type of person signs up for is also different, arm yourself with the most current information and find your soul mate.



Singles searching for a relationship Great interface that lets you find matches quickly and accurately Over 23,000,000 Singles Most popular dating site combined with the best matching system equals more quality dates
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Singles looking for someone similar Lots of scientific online personality testing and advanced match filtering Over 19,000,000 Singles Uses scientific matching which makes it an easy to use system
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Singles looking to find a date Search by age, location, hobbies, physical characteristcs, and more Over 16,000,000 Singles Casual daters who want to test the waters to see what kind of people are available
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Date First
Singles in search of true love Investigate profiles and compares their profile to yours Over 11,000,000 Singles Singles looking for a serious relationship in a fun atomosphere
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Be Naughty
Singles looking for chemistry Discover what your personality is like and who would attract you the most Over 10,000,000 Singles Great matches, easy to use, focused on casual dating
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Editor's Choice Dating Site

Chemistry.com is the most well known online dating site today. It has the largest user base, great matching, and the highest message response rate which allows you to find a date fast. Whether you want a serious relationship or just casual dates joining Chemistry.com will definitely get you a date.

Chemistry.com has unmatched popularity evident through the shear numbers of real users in the network. The site's single mission is “to help singles find the kind of relationship they're looking for,” so whether you're looking for a flirt, a date or a spouse, Chemistry.com can help you.

While trying to find a free dating site, you will find thousands of sites. Yet, our users have made it clear, through thousands of consumer ratings and reviews it turns out that Chemistry.com is the go to place to find dates because it is the most highly rated dating site out there.

No other site can offer the user base, real members, and ease of use that Chemistry.com can provide.


2013 Top Niche Free Dating Sites:

Christian Dating:

Christian Dating
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Single Parents Dating
Senior Dating:

Senior Dating
Black Dating:
Black Dating
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BBW Dating
Jewish Dating:
Interracial Singles

Top Free Dating Sites: Bigger and Better Online Dating

Creating a list of top free dating sites is a difficult one. In this day and age, one that has become almost completely digital, dating has taken on an entirely new shape and form. It used to be that to date another person, one had to complete the arduous task of first meeting the appropriate person somewhere (usually at the bar, or some other kind of place for social events) and then continuing the potential of the relationship through various future meetings. Alright, so that sounded all a little too scientific. But you get the idea. The point is that many people didn’t date because they didn’t want to have to go through the social madhouse to find a partner – it was just too much work, too tedious, had too many potential pitfalls that could lead to a disaster. The online world is becoming nearly as prevalent as the offline world and dating has now become a digital feat of social interaction. It’s easier. It’s convenient; computer programs even seem to have an algorithm that does most of the match-making for you. Whether we like it or not, online dating sites are the future.

In recent years there has been an abundance of dating websites existing on the Internet. With so many different places to choose from, it’s sometimes difficult to know which sites are the best – or, perhaps better phrased, it’s sometimes difficult to know which online sites are best for the person in question. Different dating sites will be better suited for different sets of people. What are the top free dating websites then? It depends on numerous factors. However, there are a few dating sites that take the cake and literally rise above the rest as the best websites to go to find an appropriate partner for a relationship.

Chemistry.com:  This is one of the leaders of top free dating sites.  It’s one of the oldest dating websites on the Internet that has been able to last as long as it has - and last at the top for as long as it has – because of its simple interface and usable algorithm.    Features of Chemistry.com include:

Personality Test:  Without a doubt one of the major reasons why people flock to Chemistry.com to find a fulfilling relationship is because of the simple personality test.  By taking the personality test users will automatically narrow their searches down to other users with a matching personality (based on the test results).  This way, two unsuitable people will never have to meet and, likely, experience any embarrassing failure.

Always Changing:  Because Chemistry.com is one of the older dating sites, it has the experience of a wise old man.  It’s constantly changing its interface and adding new features.

PerfectMatch:  Everyone has seen the commercials.  PerfectMatch this, PerfectMatch that.  Frankly, it can become annoying in having to deal with the constant bombardment of online dating advertisement (most people already know that they’re single and don’t need to be reminded). However, one of the truths that are a result of seeing so much advertisement from PerfectMatch is that it’s a good dating website.  It has the money which entails it is successful   - which means people find success using the dating website.   Is it one of the top free dating sites?  Without a doubt.  Why?

Relationship Questionnaire:  Users are constantly boasting about the relationship questionnaire that helped them find their spouse.  It’s  simple test that creates a list of potential matches a user can choose from.

No Searching:  Unlike other websites PerfectMatch doesn’t have any searching.  This gives users a greater amount of privacy, as well as goes to show that a dating website can work without a search engine.

Three Benefits of Free Dating Sites

Being alone sucks. The world is already a treacherous place – full of fears, anxiety, death and all of the other things that make people want to curl up in hot water and pretend that nothing else exists (maybe a little bit overdramatic but you get the idea). We seek solace in the fact that maybe having a partner to share the experience of life with will make everything better. People who are in a serious relationship will tell you that it’s true – it does make people happier and the experience of life more fulfilling. Other people who are single will tell you that it is a waste of time, that being with someone else only temporally exempts us from the hardships of our task-based existence. Without getting any more philosophical, the point is that the recent burst of free dating sites, and the whole stigma surrounding online dating, is borne from the idea that being with someone is better than being alone.

What are free dating sites?

Online dating websites have been around for a few years now and are only growing in strength and success. In essence, online dating is the replacement for offline dating. Instead of having to go to the local bar – or grocery store if that’s your thing – people can log onto a website and, using an algorithm or search engine, can find potential partners. Some of these websites cost money but, in general, the majority of dating sites are free to use.

Due to the meteoric rise of online dating (just watch commercials for a few minutes and you’ll likely be confronted with an advert for an online dating website) there has been an abundance of criticism. Pundits decree that online dating is ruining people’s social skills, that it’s creating a new breed of people that are more robotic than they are organic. Maybe; or maybe not. There are also numerous benefits for free dating sites, positive attributes that would be impossible to find and utilize with any of the traditional dating methods.

Benefits of Free Dating Sites:

• It’s Free: This may seem like an obvious benefit and it is. However, it’s also a benefit for different reasons. Think of dating in the traditional sense. You go to the bar, spend money on drinks, maybe find someone and spend money on their drinks, and so on and so forth. Before the night is over you may have spent over a hundred dollars (and you may not even have gotten the person to come home with you!) With free dating sites this kind of unnecessary costs become non-existent. Simply sign up for free and then use the websites features to find a partner. Simple as that.

• Convenient: Time, time, time; it’s all about time. We need more of it – we don’t have enough of it. With online dating websites people are able to save time. Instead of wasting weeks on end trying to find a relationship, people can now leave the time-consuming searching process to the online dating sites search algorithm.

• Match: One of the worst aspects of dating is when people waste weeks, months, or even years with someone only to find that they were never compatible with them in the first place. With free dating sites, this kind of wasteful time never occurs. The website will use its algorithm to match users to together with common interest and thus ensure that they are at least somewhat compatible.

The benefits of free dating sites are unique, each one giving a different person a different reason to use such a method.

Best Free Dating Sites: Online Dating Websites Outside the Meld

There was a recent study done that asked a group of people whether or not they thought the task of finding a partner was a difficult one. The study looked at numerous different factors, including the type of person that was being asked, as well as the dating history of a particular person. The results were startling – and very illuminating. The majority of people responded to the study with negative overtones, answers that were laced with a cynicism that was very detrimental. Ultimately, the results of the study painted a clear message: dating was hard and stressful because, in general, people didn’t know where to start. Fast forward to the present and suddenly the dating scene has changed completely.

When compiling a list of the best free dating sites, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to begin. What constitutes a good online dating website? Is it the number of members it has? Or is it the advanced and complex matching algorithm that it used to match people like they’re some futuristic robot? The answer, like the question, isn’t so black and white. The best dating sites are an abundance of things – and, in general, different websites will be suited for a different set of people. The following list is a compilation of these things; in other words, it’s a list where there is something for just about everyone.

SeniorPeopleMeet.comNever heard of this dating website?  Not surprised.  It used to be that the online dating scene was only appropriate for the younger generation – for the kids, teenagers and young adults who had been changed by the creation of the Internet and needed an outlet for a new kind of social interaction.  However, as the tide carried this change, it affected an older generation as well.  Senior people meet is one of the best free dating sites because of the demographic it targets.  It is meant for old people. 

Age Limit:  Senior People Meet only allows users who are forty years old or older.  No exceptions.

Simple Search:  It is also one of the simplest dating websites on the planet.  Simply search by gender, age, location and occupation.

DateAgency.comWhen people are asked what decides what website they use most for online dating, most people reply with an answer that is somewhere along the lines of ‘Well, I use the dating website that is best suited for me.’  Sure, that sounds nice.  But what does that really mean? It means the best free dating sites are websites that utilize an algorithm that matches different users effectively and efficiently. DateAgency.com does just that.  It has the best known personality test – one which garners the most success.

Online Dating Activities :  People flock to DateAgency.com to find suitable partners because of the avenue it provides for online activities.   In other words, users can do things online with another person in order to release the awkwardness that may be present in the inaugural meeting in the offline world.

iHookupSo not everyone is going to like this one being on the list of the best free dating sites.  It’s a little bit racy – eyes will be rolling, looking away, trying to pretend that it doesn’t provoke just a little bit of curiosity.  iHookup is an online dating website that is a discreet casual dating site to find friends with benefits.  It’s focused on people who are looking for a short romantic encounter.  Need a say more?

The best free dating sites are websites that stand out as being unique, as well as successful.

Reasons for Free Dating Sites for Men

Free dating sites for men have seen a rise in popularity in recent years.  Men have it harder than women when it comes to dating.  It is not one of the cruxes of life, one that can’t be avoided – nor should it be avoided.   For instance, at the bar is it the women pursuing all the men, or is the men pursuing all the women?  Nine times out of ten it is men trying to swoon women into believing that they are compatible together (for other reasons as well).   Because of this it is easy for women to say no, to be picky in their choices in what men are right for them – in their mind they have all the time in the world to find the perfect match.  What happens because of this?  Men stay home – they don’t go to the bars.  Instead they brood endlessly on the unfairness of it all, how women should see how nice they really are, how they shouldn’t be going for the man who will ultimately treat them poorly.

Cue in free dating sites for men, the answer to all those hopeless romantics sitting in the bathtub at home.  For the longest time there was no response to the trend of dating, or the lack of dating.  Recently, however, with the growth of the internet, online dating has seen a paramount rise in both popularity and success.   (One could argue that it was the people staying at home brooding that implemented all the successful attributes of online dating).   What are the reasons why people choose to pursue online dating as their method of choice?  Are they good reasons?

No More Bars:  Some men are just not cut out for the bar scene – or any kind of large social gathering for that matter.  The truth is that they are intimidated by the women, don’t know how to interact appropriate, or just aren’t good with first impressions.  Whatever the case – bars, and traditional dating just wasn’t working.  With free dating sites for men, that suddenly changes.   It’s now possible to completely cut out the awkward first encounters and replace them with a more ‘organized’ first impression.   Instead of sitting at home in the bathtub, men can now sit at home on their computers and try and create meaningful relationships.

Girls Stay Home Too:  Do all of the good-looking and successful girls spend their time at the bars looking for men?  No.    Like men, a lot of women also stay home and avoid such traditional dating methods.  For these reasons, free dating sites for men and women are a great place for those two types of people to meet.  In other words, the potential for rejection and disaster decreases substantially on online dating websites.

Background Research:  Whether you like it or not, once you choose go try online dating you are accepting the notion that people are going to judge you.  They are going to research you.  Most free dating sites for men include profiles, personality tests, as well as numerous other attributes that create an online portfolio of who you are.  What this means is that everyone can be picky in who they want to date without the person knowing they were being picky in the first place.

Free dating sites for men are for all the guys out there who never found success in picking up girls at bars.

Best 100% Free Dating Sites for Men and Women

In this world there is no such thing as a free lunch.  It`s the unfortunate consequence of living in a capitalist society, wherein the people who become rich stay rich – and become richer – and the people that are poor stay poor – and, sometimes, become poorer.   One of the reasons why the Internet has become so popular, so widely used, so widely admired, is because of how free it is.  Most of the websites that can be visited on the World Wide Web are free to use – information is free, most communication is free, and so on and so forth.  Keeping the same tune, it used to be that dating was expensive.  Even the date before dating was expensive (you know all the drinks you bought at the bar in hope that the girl actually was interested in you and didn`t just want the free drink).  That`s why 100% free dating sites have become such a phenomena.  No longer to people have to wait in lines at bars, grocery stores or other social events in hopes that the girl they are spending money on will go out with them; instead, people can stay at home on their computers, go through a simple and convenient process, and find people with common interests who are actually more likely to say yes and go out with them than they are to say no.

Before unveiling a list the most popular – and likely the best – one hundred percent free dating sites, it`s first important to know what the difference is between online dating websites.  In general, most online dating websites offer a free trial or some sort of free membership.  This is great; however, often such free memberships are limited in nature and lack certain fundamentals that guarantee further success.  For instance, some online dating sites offer one free personality test and nothing more.  Therefore the biggest benefit of using 100% free dating sites is the opportunity to use all of the dating features free of charge.  This gives users a better chance of finding a matching partner, as well as relieves of the stress that is borne from limitations. Using 100% free dating sites has many different benefits that should be considered heavily when pursing online dating.

About Completely Free Dating Sites

Dating, dating, dating… it`s tiresome to even think about.  Many of us have the fear of dying alone, of never finding a suitable partner to share this existence with.  We all have such a finite amount of time on this Earth (an inevitability that is created through our natural evolution) that it scares us to death – literally in some cases – to think that we won`t find someone.   Add in the fact that many people suffer from the anxiety and fear of rejection and you have many people staying at home on Friday nights instead of going out and trying to find that `special` someone.   Luckily, because of the growth and connectivity of the Internet, staying home is no longer detrimental to a person’s ability to find a suitable partner.  Completely free dating sites have become phenomena of sorts – and a life-raft for those who thought they would invariably die alone. 

Okay – enough of all the philosophy of dating.  People don`t need to hear about their problems (they have themselves to do that on a daily basis).  What people do need is a guide to online dating; they need to understand exactly how to be successful in the online environment, to know the faults, as well the benefits of pursuing such digital means.   First thing first: completely free dating sites do exist.  In fact, there are many different types of free dating websites that are one hundred percent free.  In general, the following is included in all such types of free online websites:

Free Membership:  One of the biggest attributes of completely free dating sites is that they offer free membership.  Some digital dating websites offer free trials or limited access to certain features and this, although good for a short amount of time, often leaves users stuck exactly where they began in the first place.  For this reason, finding dating site with a free membership is essential to finding paramount success in this new digital world.

Testing/Matching:  What is one of the biggest reasons why people decide to date online, compared to offline?   Essentially, it’s because of the algorithm that will do the work for them.  All completely free dating websites offer a free testing and matching system.  In essence, this kind of system entails users filling out a personality test (or a member profile) and then submitting to the website.  Then, the algorithm will filter through the millions of other users and bring back the most suitable matches.  Not only is this a very convenient process but it allows user to be less anxious in lieu of any specific fears of rejection. It can be a tiresome process searching the Interest for the most appropriate online dating website.   Many of us don’t have the time; or, we do, but we just don’t want to waste our time searching the Internet for… dating.   Luckily, many people have already done the searching for you.

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